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12 ways you & # 039 white; not to get re a job

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One of the worst parts of the job search is not new employer audience, even after an interview. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the exception the norm these days. So you can be happy if you hear anything during the interview process.

What say for hiring managers and what they really mean

To get the input of a hiring manager or have to wonder what your situation, often to get a clear answer.

But if you do not get lucky enough to get feedback are, here are some things that you can hear from a hiring manager if you do not want to hire you, and will say it.

12 ways to know that you do not get a job offer

In some cases this may be true, and occur a job at some point in the future. In other cases, it is likely they will not get a job, if you hear one of the following statements by a hiring manager.

1. We have to take into account several other candidates before making a decision.
You're probably out of the competition for the job. Are you saying that the company is interviewing other candidates, that there is no candidate in mind.

2. I will keep your resume on file.
There are few things that will present these days and resume probably will not be one of them.

3. The position was put on hold.
Funding was suspended.
Perhaps employers are holding back on filling the position, but is no longer suitable to be for you to rent.

4. Have another candidate whose qualifications are of an even stronger game.
While you are qualified for the position, we decided to choose another candidate.

This is a nice way of saying that you're not the right person for the job.

5. We have decided to go in another direction.
Another great way to say that you do not have the qualification of human resources director investigated.

6. decided to keep the open position, but we are not at this stage before.
It's not a smooth not, but it's unlikely that anything more to hear from the employer.

7. We are not going to fill the position at this time.
There is a possibility that it is legitimate, and may still have a chance of employment, but my breath waiting not hold. In many cases, they are advertised jobs again.

8. This work does not seem to be the best solution for you.
You may be able to select Save when the employer that you can convince a good candidate for the job, but it's a long shot.

9. The work seems too young for you.
This work is not big enough for you.
When you say the work is not the right level, the hiring manager that you are overqualified and not to stay if hired.

10. We filled the position of an internal candidate.
We have to promote someone from within.

Maybe they did, and maybe they were not, but in both cases they are not you setting.

11. We feel like it's not enough, encouraged here, and I wish you will get bored.
Even if you do not think the job would be boring, you will not have the ability to figure it out.

12. There were two candidates and their skills were a little more in line with what we want.
You do not have to do the work, but at least they were close.

If you really want to work

If this was your dream job and you do not want to give it up, there are some things you can try to change the mind of the hiring manager.

They point out that the work has already been given to someone else, and it is unlikely that you checked, too much time to invest. In most cases it is best to get over it and move on.

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