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5 Time management of the Autonomous Councils

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For freelancers, time is money. With the possible exception of the food service workers who. For the Council's work, everyone who works for a living sees a closer partnership between the hours spent and the money they earn For this reason, it is for the car to get a good idea of how you manage your time.

If you are just starting out on an independent path, or if you want a reminder of how you need to do your work for you time, these time management tips for you.

1. Make a schedule.

Freelancers often have a flexible schedule. One of the most common mistakes that new self-employed are the advantages of this flexibility, and use it as an excuse to procrastinate. The best way to avoid the painting itself into a corner, in terms of time, to establish a schedule and stick to it is.

The dirty little secret of freelancing is that most of the time, there is a 9-5 - or 10-6 or 8 to 4. Regardless of the specific times they can during the day when their clients to work. If you do not answer to the phone when they call, chances are you are in a concert, or overlooked during the next mission is.

But even if you are working on a project basis, and can make your own hours to do it is in their interests regularly. Plant, work in the planned, regular hours, it is easier to enter the area where you need to be - and easier to identify when it's time to enjoy the rest of your life.

Two days out.

In conversation with the rest of your life to enjoy while you plan your time, do not forget, some go for no good.

Taking time for yourself is not just fun and games; It is an essential part of the work-life balance. To really be productive, you need time to rest and recharge. All work and no play is diminished creativity, increased stress, including cognitive impairment. (Also, it is not fun You know the expression: .. work to live, not live to work)

When deadlines loom, you have to burn the midnight oil to get things done. Make sure there is enough oil to the midnight, there is a day without work or two to burn on a regular basis - and go on vacation, even if it means planning ahead and take care of the finances.

3. write it.

Feel as if you are spinning your wheels and not always done a lot? Try a timestamp. During a defined period, say one day or a week, write down everything you do, and when they do it. (Think of it as a food diary, but with time and activities instead of calories and nutrition.)

At the end of the allotted time, it should be clarified, if you are wasting hours on social networks or simply not spent properly charge for the time on a project. Anyway, it can be adjusted accordingly.

4. Keep in mind that the time are responsible.

The downside is an independent super productive and reliable professional in a world where most people do not disclose what they say is that the customers come to trust you. What's wrong with that? Doing absolutely nothing, as long as you remember that you are not an employee, and you literally not the boss of you.

As a freelancer, your responsibility is to do what you say you will do to the best of your ability to help customers achieve their goals. This is done in exchange for money. No matter how much you like to remember the work or the customer, this important fact. Your loyalty is to be for you and your business. All other options that customers - and keep - need to expand from there.

Does this mean that you can not help a client in an emergency? But on the contrary. It's always a good idea to meet customer needs, if you. Able Build relationships and trust. In addition, only decent thing to do.

But if you ever start to feel that his client has to say the habit is not prompted more work has to be done, the boundaries begin gently as soon as possible. It makes no sense to anyone, if he so confused about how things will work.

Which brings us to ...

5. Say no.

Finally, the most important skill that everyone who works, whether or not they work for a company or for yourself, it is the ability to gracefully to draw the line. Do not be afraid, the work that you do not have time to protest against the extra work that you are not interested or supplement your portfolio or negotiate more time or money, if you need, want and deserve to deny lobbying.

One of the biggest advantages of a self-determined life is that no one can tell what to do - at least not in the way a manager can say to an employee. Do not miss forget that you are your own boss.

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