Thursday, May 21, 2015

Example applications

Here you will find an example of a resume. This shows candidates for international work and educational experience.

Example applications

Allen Yan
(86) 1338-1111-420


September 20XX - Present, Shanghai University, BE

  • Candidate degree in Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Highlights of academic years: the company property management, marketing, communications, information management system, advanced manufacturing system

May 20XX training certificate Accountant (CPA)


December 20XX - Present, investment ITT Flygt, China
Application Engineer, Sales and Marketing

  • Budget to sales targets to meet by supporting the implementation and further research on the application of the industrial market.
  • Visits with users and DI for seminars and technical presentations with salesperson or distributors in the collection of information and intelligence analysis of final marketing competitors.

July 20XX - 20XX September Intel Products Co., Shanghai, China
CPU Installation Engineer (Trainee)

  • Report analyzes documenting performance trends and to solve current problems.
  • He participated and helped supervise the training of marketing, business process modeling and analysis of the University of Intel.
  • Developed and initiated a review of the project with a multimedia animation, which was much appreciated by the department head.

June 20XX - 20XX July GF Fund Management Co., LTD.
Campus Intern

  • Proven principles of investment and derivative products related.
  • Formulated the scheme of market popularization and network marketing.


  • 20XX-20XX, scholarships for outstanding students of the University of Shanghai
  • 20XX-20XX points Ambassador of Shanghai Tennis prices Disclosure

Skills and interests

English Capacity: Volume 6; Between skill
German Capacity: 600 hours of class in Germany Tongji University

Computer skills:

  • Computer Lever third National Certificate (network communication)
  • Professional Certificate of Assistant Information Officer (AIO).
  • Fluent in C ++, VBA, deployment, JMP, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Photoshop, SolidWorks, aftereffect

Personal Interests:

Basketball; Speed skating; Snooker

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